• Pisztoly paprikaspray Kolter RMG-19
  • Pisztoly paprikaspray Kolter RMG-19
  • Pisztoly paprikaspray Kolter RMG-19
  • Pisztoly paprikaspray Kolter RMG-19
  • Pisztoly paprikaspray Kolter RMG-19

Pisztoly paprikaspray Kolter RMG-19

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  • Pisztoly paprikaspray Kolter RMG-19
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Gun gas Kolter RMG-19 is a proven pitcher pepper spray, available without a license and registration.

Manual putter gas Kolter RMG-19 is a device defense , which is reminiscent of Austrian Glock pistol, but with the difference that it does not fire live ammunition only ejects pressurized pepper spray beam with a very high concentration of capsaicin . This organic chemical is responsible for the well-known to all of us spicy taste and smell sharp varieties of peppers. In the application of the defense, capsaicin acts very effectively on the skin, eyes and respiratory system, causing difficulty in breathing, strong and annoying irritation of eyes and mucous membranes, but without lasting effects and loss of health.

The gun is made of a durable polymer having a matt, non-slip texture. RMG-19 is very handy , also has low weight (400 grams), allowing you to comfortably carry it with you every day, by both men and women. Solid gun very well imitates guns , also has movable / functional elements, ie. An adjustable fuse, release the magazine and pulled the magazine.

Replaceable pepper spray is mounted in the magazine of the gun. His replacement is extremely simple and takes only a few seconds, just pull out the magazine with grip and replace the used cartridge new. The contribution of gas with a capacity of 15 ml to 6 enables implementation of ejections gas cloud with a range of approx. 2 m , which can stop effectively pass a safe distance for us. The effects of gas last up to 20 minutes , allowing us to safely move away and call law enforcement.

Gun RMG-19 is ready for operation immediately after the purchase (a cartridge mounted gas), before use only deactivate the fuse protects against accidental shot. The contribution from the pepper spray has a long validity period (3 years old) , during which the irritant does not lose its properties. Effective action of pepper spray was confirmed on people under the influence of alcohol, drugs and other intoxicants.

Instead of the standard gas blasters, gun gas RMG-19 has an additional advantage, based on the surprise and psychological effect . In many situations, in fact, the attackers give up their intentions at the mere sight of produced weapons, signaling to them that I am going to actively defend.

In our offer are available in leather holsters and straps operational capacity to conveniently and discreetly carry a gun at waist trousers or under the arm depending on your preference.

Gun Gas RMG-19 is a proven device defenses , available at an affordable price and, most importantly, without authorization and registration , one condition is the legal age to purchase the buyer.


- gun gas overwhelming Kolter RMG-19 
- range: approx. 2 m 
- weight 400 g 
- dimensions: 174 x 127 mm 
- locking charged inside a metal, 
- the contribution of the gas inserted into the magazine located in the handle 
- one contribution is approx. 6 shots strengths gas in the form of a cloud of gas 
- gas Expiry date: 3 years 
- complete with a gas tank 15ml

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