• ELAK702 Steel Custom (Gen.2) Gépkarabély Replica
  • ELAK702 Steel Custom (Gen.2) Gépkarabély Replica
  • ELAK702 Steel Custom (Gen.2) Gépkarabély Replica

ELAK702 Steel Custom (Gen.2) Gépkarabély Replica

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  • ELAK702 Steel Custom (Gen.2) Gépkarabély Replica
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ELAK702 Steel Custom (Gen.2) Assault Rifle Replica

GF Custom Division is an idea born in the heads of the Gunfire airsoft team. We want to offer you the highest-quality replicas modified and configured by our team using the best, tested parts and accessories. No element of the replica is there for no reason - these are exactly the kind of configurations that we would like to use in the field. In custom work on replicas helps our many-year airsoft experience and it can be easily summed up that GF Custom Division is a project created 100% by players for players.

This time we have chosen an excellent replica in a tactical version for customization - ELAK02 Custom by E&L.

The replica has undergone a professional, visual modification in order to provide it with a unique character. As the replica was made practically entirely of steel, we have decided to make use of that and utilize light “aging” procedures. Part of the original oxidization has been professionally rubbed off revealing beautiful, raw steel that the replica was made of. The process covered also the steel magazine - the entirety looks spectacular. The replica will look great on a wall display as well as in the field. Of course, we have also taken care of the adequate coverage of the replica’s surface in order to minimize the risk of rusting of steel elements.

E&L Airsoft is a new quality on the airsoft replica market. The manufacturer has decided to create replicas that will resemble live firearm originals in terms of material quality and how well parts are aligned together as much as possible and made strides in that direction as far as possible - by launching production in the very same factory that manufactures live firearms! The replicas were made using the same materials as in the originals: steel, hand finished wood elements or high-quality polymer. Also, some of the external parts are identical to those of the original and come off the very same production line.

This allowed E&L to significantly move ahead of its competition among the manufacturers from behind the eastern border. It can compete (and win!) with the best brands on the market - also when it comes to prices. Its quality and specification make it not only a beautiful wall decoration but also a very effective field replica.

Outside, a maximum amount of elements that is possible in a replica was made in a 1:1 scale in comparison with the original, according to the military specification. This means that it is possible to change parts between the replica and its live firearm counterpart! This concerns, among others, the front cradle, gas pipe cap and iron sights. Little to none other manufacturers offer such possibilities.

Wooden elements have undergone hand processing, which on the one hand assures high quality and on the other hand uniqueness. This model features wooden cradle and gas pipe cap. One-of-a-kind character was achieved also due to an individual serial number located on the receiver. Steel elements have undergone anodizing, which makes their appearance even more realistic, also sometimes the process of abrasion of the anodizing gives a much better effect than in the case of painted or lacquered replicas.

ELAK02 Custom features a handguard lacking any sort of mounting rails - its profiled shape, lack of any insets and light, but durable polymer construction provide comfort and ergonomics of use. On the other hand, the gas pipe feature a metal cover with long RIS 22 mm mounting rail that enables the attachment of a wide array of accessories, for instance, a reflex sight or a tactical scope. Apart from that, we also get a very comfortable and pleasant in use, made from durable polymer, telescopic stock known from American AR assault rifles.

Great effort was also made to make the replica’s weight as close to that of the original as possible. It is heavy and additionally, correct balance is guaranteed by a steel, external barrel. Worth noting is without a doubt the option of partial disassembly of the replica, like its live firearm counterpart - without the need for tools. Everything is based on pins and levers. The manufacturer has taken care of the smallest details in order to bring the product as close to the original as possible.

All E&L replicas are covered with thick, technical oil, which safeguards the product during transport against humidity and other possible impurities. A mix of oil, steel and lacquered wood emits a unique smell that is well-known to people having contact with firearms.

The battery is located beneath the dust cover. The cover is held by a single latch, which allows for a rapid disassembly and the change of the power source at any moment.

Also internally the product appears superb. E&L engineers have collected from the market the best solutions and also added some of their own. The pneumatic system consists of a set of a silent piston and cylinder heads, which prolongs the lifetime of the system and provides a better absorption. The replica has a ball bearing spring guide and the sector gear has an enlarged delayer clip. It provides the BB with more time to be introduced into the chamber, which is especially important when dealing with configurations with a high rate of fire. A high accuracy and tight cone of fire provides the implemented internal barrel with a diameter of 6.04 mm.

What is Generation 2 characteristic for?

Generation 2 replicas are equipped with a new standard gearbox! Most importantly, it received a rapid spring change system - Quick Spring Release. It allows for a quick adaptation of the replica’s power to the needs of the User via the main spring exchange without the need to unscrew the gearbox and, as a result, the need to have access to a workshop or special tools. Once the gearbox has been taken out of the replica’s body, the process of spring change lasts literally mere seconds thanks to a special construction of the frame and the guide.

Generation 2 has a perfected, even more durable gearbox, which in comparison with previous models has replaced with new ones, among others: the frame, gears, cylinder, nozzle, spring guide and wiring. The new solutions guarantee a better reliability, higher ROF and smaller energy drain.

What components exactly will we find inside E&L Gen 2?

- the new type, reinforced gearbox frame is mounted on 9 mm ball bearings and adapted to the Quick Spring Release system
- ball bearing spring guide QSR (Quick Spring Release)
- a set of steel gears made with the use of precise CNC machines.
- one-piece, steel cylinder made with the use of precise CNC machines
- a sealed nozzle with additional O-ring
- a set of 9 mm ball bearings
- a reinforced, POM piston with three steel teeth
- a muffled piston head
- an efficient High Torque M170 motor on neodymium magnets
- a low-resistance, silver-plated wiring

Generation 2 also features an interesting addition - a magwell spacer for the magazine well, whose implementation realistically simplifies and speeds up the magazine change process!

Replicas come in brand new, practical and elegant boxes. The boxes are fully filled with a hard foam which safely and firmly holds the replica and all of its accessories in place. Each replica comes with an oilcan, while models featuring a fixed stock additionally come with a cleaning kit, the very same as the one intended for a live firearm.

The replica comes with a Hi-Cap, steel magazine with a capacity of up to 150 BBs.

The set includes:
- replica
- magazine
- oilcan
- QA test certificate

Examples of LiPo battery models that fit inside the dust cover:
http://gunfire.pl/product-pol-1152198565-Akumulator-Redox-LiPo-1400-mAh-7-4V-20C.html (requires T-connect/Tamiya small adapter)

Magazine Compatibility: the replica is compatible with a majority of magazine types by LCT and MAG, an adaptation of some of CM, Boyi and JG magazines may require minor modifications.

Attention: The set does not include a battery or a charger.

Technikai leírás
Barrel szál típusa::
Akkumulátor kapacitása [mAh]::
Akkumulátor feszültsége [V]::
Blow Back: :
A csapágyak átmérője GB-ban [mm]::
Sebességváltó verzió::
v3 sebességváltó
Hop-Up: :
Igen, állítható
Belső csőhossz [mm]::
Hossz (mm):
Acél + fém + műanyag
Magazin kapacitása [db]::
Magazin típusa::
Mid-Cap magazine
E&L / GF Custom Division
Propulzió / Hajtású ::
Gyors Spring Change rendszer::
Tűz típusa::
Egyszeres, auto
Sebesség [FPS]::
12 hónap
Súly [g]::
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